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About us

Our company was established in the early 90s of the 20th century. Its first branch, or rather gastrokomplex with three centers we opened in 1994 in Dlouhá Street in Prague 1. We run here a modern self-service restaurant, a delicatessen shop with a wide range of foods, beverages and gift goods and restaurant and a la carte. Over time, we have continuously expanded. In 2002, we reconstructed and opened a pastry shop and café with nearly a century of tradition in Revoluční street in Prague 1, followed by restaurants in the hockey arena of club HC Sparta Praha in Prague 7 - Holešovicích, 2007 self-service restaurant, pastry shop and delicatessen in Vinohradská street in Prague 3, 2008 pastry shop and delicatessen in OC Chodov, this branch was in 2012 extended the self-service restaurant, 2009 delicatessen and pastry shop in OC DBK and self-service restaurant and pub in Vodičkova street – passage U Nováků in Prague 1.

The latest of our branches will be delicatessen and sweet - pastry shop in the very center of Prague in OC Quadrio in Prague 1 which will open in October 2014.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our eight branches throughout Prague.

What we offer

Hot dishes - cooked and fast food
Cold dishes - appetizers, canapes, mini appetizers, sandwiches, bagels, pastries, platters, salads - vegetable, fruit and mayonnaise
Pastry and bakery specialties - mini desserts, cakes, pies, cakes - children, atypical and wedding, wedding pies and gift baskets, Christmas pastry
..... and many other specialties from our own production
complete catering services, office catering

Always discuss with you all your options, help with the selection of an appropriate amount, type and extent of food so that everything fit your expectations and you were happy.

For your quick serviceability complete comfort of home you can visit our e-shop(in czech).